Giroux Environmental Consulting Recent Projects 

Study of Approaches to Define Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Material – International Regulatory Review (2017-2018). For Environment and Climate Change Canada, Giroux Environmental Consulting is leading a team of consultants that are conducting a study of various approaches used in hazardous waste regulations internationally and domestically.  Recommendations will be developed for the department in early 2018.

Developing Natural Resources Canada’s Long-Term Economic and Policy Research Agenda: Management of Canada’s Freshwater Resources in the Natural Resources Sectors in a Changing Climate.   With associates Rene Drolet Consulting and Dr. Mary Trudeau, L.Giroux was part of the consulting team that conducted this study.

A Canadian Products Registry – Literature Review and Draft Framework for Environment Canada (2015-2016).  With associates Duncan Bury Consulting and SAMI Environmental, Giroux Environmental Consultants conducted this study to explore the design of chemicals-in-product registries in Scandinavian countries, and how they might be applicable to Canada’s Chemicals Management Plan.  A presentation on this study was delivered to a joint Environment Canada – Health Canada experts meeting in 2016.

Regulatory Review of Extended Producer Responsibility Programs – A Benchmarking Study for CCME (2016). With associates Janet Robins and Geoff Love, Giroux Environmental conducted a regulatory review and information analysis on all Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and product stewardship regulations in Canada to identify key areas of inconsistency and consistency across regulations.  The report is available here on the CCME website.

State of Environment Monitoring on Reserves in Canada – A Draft Framework and Data Needs Identification  (2015-2016, and 2016-2017). As a sub-contractor to René Drolet Consulting, Giroux Environmental contributed to the literature review, development of the framework, report editing and facilitation of a stakeholder workshop.

Research Study – Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) in the Great Lakes Basin. (2015). With lead firm Duncan Bury Consulting and other associates, L.Giroux contributed to research and analysis related to PBDEs in products and end of life management of these products in the jurisdictions bordering the Great Lakes Region for the International Joint Commission – Water Quality Board of the Great Lakes.

Invited Speaker on Extended Producer Responsibility in Canada for the Canadian Embassy, Science and Technology Division, Berlin, Germany (2015). For the Department of Foreign Affairs, L.Giroux delivered a presentation on Extended Producer Responsibility in Canada to a German delegation at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin as an opportunity for knowledge transfer between waste industry leaders in Canada and Germany.

Regulatory Review of Landfill Leachate Control Measures Across Canada (2014 – 2015) for Environment Canada.  Giroux Environmental Consulting was the lead firm for this project.

Framework and Implementation Plan for a Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Program in Atlantic Canada (2013 – 2014).  For Recycle NB, Prince Edward Island Department of Environment, RRFB Nova Scotia, and the Multi-material Stewardship Board  of NFLD.  In association with Duncan Bury Consulting and Gardner Pinfold Consulting, Giroux Environmental led this project.

Review of Environment Canada’s Public Participation and Consultation Policy (2014).  As a sub-contractor to René Drolet Consulting, Giroux Environmental Consulting assisted with a literature review, information analysis and production of a report and presentation.

Influence of the European Union (EU) – Canada Trade Agreement on Canadian Chemical Management Initiatives for Environment Canada (2014). In association with René Drolet Consulting, Giroux Environmental conducted analysis of both chemicals management regimes and authored a report for this project.

State of Waste Management in Canada for the Canadian Council of Ministers of Environment (CCME) (2013 – 2014).  Giroux Environmental Consulting led a four-firm team in the development of a comprehensive report for the CCME entitled “State of Waste Management in Canada” with associates Duncan Bury Consulting and René Drolet Consulting.  This report will help inform the CCME Waste Management Task Group on prioritizing next steps and is available here on the CCME website.

Regulatory Review of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Materials Control Measures Across Canada for Environment Canada (2013).  Giroux Environmental Consulting was the lead firm for this project.

Development of an Environmental Code of Practice for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Reduction from the Asphalt Sector, for Environment Canada (2013).   In association with René Drolet Consulting, Giroux Environmental Consulting developed an Environmental Code of Practice for VOC Reduction from the Asphalt Sector.

Best Practices for Environmentally Sound Management at Facilities that Refurbish and Recycle Used and End of Life Electronic Products in North America, for the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) (2012).  Giroux Environmental Consulting led a team of four professionals in the development of Environmentally Sound Management (ESM) training materials for small and medium sized facilities in Canada, the United States and Mexico that process used and end-of-life electronic products.  See this CEC website for published material.