Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Giroux Environmental Consulting is a Canadian-owned consulting practice managed by Laurie Giroux, a professional environmental consultant with over 20 years of experience in the environmental sector.  Laurie has worked in environmental consulting within the private sector for 18 years in Ottawa, and brings her years of experience pertaining to interdisciplinary environmental policies and programs across federal, provincial, and territorial governments in Canada to support a wide array of projects related to pollution prevention, waste management, climate change, water, sustainable transportation, and sustainable communities.  

Giroux Environmental Consulting offers professional services such as: environmental policy and regulatory reviews and assessment; developing environmental program profiles and best practice scans; conducting program performance reviews;  developing frameworks or environmental codes of practice; conducting scientific literature reviews and policy research; information synthesis and analysis; developing communication products such as policy recommendations, policy briefs, formal reports, or guidance documents.  Laurie also offers professional editing services to other consultants needing report or proposal writing and editing support.

Giroux Environmental Consulting partners with professionals across the country to fulfill client needs with expertise that compliments her own, for example:  international waste policies and programs, climate change adaptation, freshwater management, municipal infrastructure, stakeholder facilitation, environmental health, and environmental engineering.  See our Consulting Team Associates page for additional details and a listing of associates we collaborate with most frequently.  

Contact me at 613-400-3108 or Laurie(at)girouxenvironmentalconsulting.com to discuss your next project.