Who Are We?

Giroux Environmental Consulting (GEC) is a Canadian environmental consulting company managed and owned by Laurie Giroux. GEC collaborates with other environment professionals for each project as needed, and draws upon a wide network of professional associates to form specific project teams for each opportunity.

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Consulting Services

Professional consulting services offered by GEC include environmental research, environmental program / policy design and analysis, professional report writing, technical writing support, best practice research, jurisdictional policy and regulatory reviews, program evaluations, development of codes of practice, frameworks, regulatory gap assessments, development of guidance material, and stakeholder consultation support. Clients served include Government of Canada, Provincial and Territorial Governments, arms-length provincial agencies, non-profit institutions, inter-governmental forums, municipal associations, and the private sector.

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Broad areas of expertise include: environmental policy frameworks related to environmentally sound management; chemicals in products regimes; Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR); environmental regulations (specializing in recycling, waste and hazardous waste regulations); development of environmental indicators; conducting strategic environmental and socio-economic assessments.

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Laurie Giroux, Owner and Senior Consultant

Phone: 613-400-3108   (8:30am-4:30pm EST)

Email: Laurie(at)girouxenvironmentalconsulting.com

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