Laurie Giroux, M.E.S, Director and Owner

Laurie Giroux is the Director and Business Owner of Giroux Environmental Consulting, located in Ottawa, Ontario. She is a professional environmental consultant with twenty-five years of experience in the environmental sector, specializing in circular economy and waste policy.  She has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies. Ms. Giroux takes a hands-on approach to every project, and is typically involved in leading research, analysis, and report writing tasks. For every project she assesses the expertise needed and collaborates with associates to fulfill specific project needs and ensure high quality deliverables. Profiles of associates that are regularly engaged with Giroux Environmental Consulting projects are presented on this page. Clients include Government of Canada departments, Provincial and Territorial Governments, Municipal Governments, Recycling Organizations, and Inter-Governmental Committees. 

Maria Kelleher, M.Eng, P.Eng, Kelleher Environmental 

Maria Kelleher is an environmental engineer who specializes in circular economy, extended producer responsibility (EPR), renewable energy, and solid waste reduction, reuse and recycling. She graduated with a Civil Engineering degree from University College, Cork, Ireland; a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Toronto in 1982; and a Diploma in Environmental Health from McMaster University in 2000. In 2012, Maria completed the Governance Essentials Program for Directors of Not-for-Profit Organizations at the Institute of Corporate Directors and The Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, and in 2015 became a CSA certified GHG auditor.

Maria has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Pollution Probe Foundation, the Ina Grafton Gage Seniors Residence and the Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF) and the Toronto Region Conservation Area (TRCA).  With over thirty years of experience in the environmental consulting industry, Maria has worked on a wide range of waste policy and strategy, quantification, management, planning and stewardship projects for a range of different materials for both private sector and public sector clients. She has worked together with Giroux Environmental Consulting on review and analysis of recycling programs pertaining to paper, plastics, organics, tires, and on other pollution prevention projects.

Isabelle Faucher, M.A., Isabelle Faucher Consultancy

Ms. Faucher has seventeen years of experience in product stewardship and waste diversion. For the last eight years, she has provided Managing Director services to the Carton Council of Canada (CCC), an industry association whose mandate is to grow the recycling of used beverage cartons across the country. She has both national and international experience with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy, primarily applicable to packaging and paper, but also as it applies to household hazardous waste and other products. Through her role at CCC, Ms. Faucher has developed a solid knowledge of municipal and provincial/territorial waste diversion and broader circular economy programs and policies. In addition, she provides consulting services in a wide range of areas including recent assignments supporting the Giroux Environmental team on a study to assess the state of paper recycling in Canada, and in a review of the status of organics diversion programs in Canada that accept plastics.

She has also supported the Eunomia consulting team in the development of a milestone study pertaining to paper recycling in Canada for the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, and the Kelleher Environmental team tasked with developing a roadmap to better manage plastics from end-of-life vehicles on behalf of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC). In addition, she has conducted international jurisdictional scans of EPR schemes to develop policy and program recommendations. Isabelle is a native French speaker. She is also fluent in English and in Spanish.

Dr. Mary Trudeau, Ph.D., P.Eng. Director, Envirings

Dr. Trudeau is a nationally recognized water specialist with a career focused on water science and management. She is a professional engineer with over thirty years of experience in the development and implementation of environmental policy, programs and projects, with particular specialization in water resources and infrastructure management. She combines strong analytical skills and management abilities with in-depth technical knowledge and practical experience in both government and the private sector. Dr. Trudeau provides consulting advice to federal, territorial and provincial governments and other organizations on water resource use, watershed management, and pollution prevention with respect to water and the aquatic environment.  Dr. Trudeau has worked collaboratively with Giroux Environmental Consulting on a number of water related plastics pollution projects. She is currently a Senior Water Consultant, Scientific Advisor, Researcher, and Professor.

Duncan Bury, Principal, Duncan Bury Consulting

Mr. Bury has worked in the environmental stewardship field for over thirty years in Canada. He worked for 10 years for the City of Ottawa’s Waste Divisions and 15 years with Environment Canada where he was the Head of International Waste Policy, managing Canada’s international obligations under the Basel Convention and the OECD.  He was also the lead on product focused pollution prevention and new waste reduction programming.  Upon retiring from Environment Canada, he began his consulting business in 2010.  He has worked with Giroux Environmental Consulting on numerous projects relating to end of life management of hazardous products, chemicals in products, packaging reduction programs, and Extended Producer Responsibility frameworks.

René Drolet, M.Sc. René Drolet Consulting Services

René Drolet is a former executive of the federal government. He has over thirty years of experience supporting both private sector and government in environmental projects. His main fields of expertise relate to policy instrument review and design, in particular with respect to pollution prevention, water management, climate change, air quality, and the transition to a low-carbon economy. Before starting his consulting business, he worked for almost twenty years in the federal government, where he led and managed several national programs, including national Director of Compliance Assurance and Compliance Promotion at Environment Canada, and Director of Policy and Research at the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy.

Selena Fraser, M.Eng., P.Eng.

Selena Fraser is a skilled consultant with a decade of experience serving clients across both the public and private sectors.  She has provided her expertise to projects related to greenhouse gas (GHG) and other air emissions identification, quantification and verification; climate change impacts and adaptation; waste practices analysis and pollution prevention; storm water management; low impact development; transportation characterization and solutions; energy generation; energy efficiency; technology assessment; as well as program and policy evaluations.   Selena has a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering, and is registered as a professional engineer in the province of Ontario.

Samantha Millette, B.A., Millette Environmental

Samantha holds a B.A. in Environmental and Resource Studies from Trent University. Samantha has been working as an independent consultant in the waste management industry since 2013, providing environmental research, writing, and analysis support to senior consultants. Samantha has a sound knowledge of provincial and federal waste legislation and has played an integral role in projects focused on circular economy and extended producer responsibility, including management of waste electronics, electric vehicle batteries, plastics and tires to construction and demolition waste. Some of her most recent engagements have included studies to inform the designation of new materials under Ontario’s new waste legislation, economic and environmental benefits of deposit-return for beverage containers, and industry best practices in the end-of-life management of lead-acid and electric-drive vehicle batteries. She has worked with Giroux Environmental Consulting on a variety of waste diversion projects. Samantha has a working knowledge of French.