Environmental Policy Research & Regulation 

Review of Agriculture Waste and Fishing Waste Regulatory Frameworks Across Canada for the Government of Northwest Territories.  This study included a regulatory review and gap assessment with development of recommendations for environmental protection in the Northwest Territories from future increased agriculture production and expanded fisheries. A survey of commercial fishers was also conducted (2019).

Technical Writing Support in the Development of a Strategic Plan for the Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Program for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), with René Drolet Consulting (2018).

Analysis of Stakeholder Responses to Proposed Regulatory Changes for Canada’s Hazardous Waste Regulations and Technical Writing Support for Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Stakeholder Engagement Process (2018).

Developing Natural Resources Canada’s Long-Term Economic and Policy Research Agenda: Management of Canada’s Freshwater Resources in the Natural Resources Sectors in a Changing Climate and Low Carbon Economy with associates René Drolet and Dr. Mary Trudeau (2017).

Development and Testing of State of Environment Indicators for First Nations Reserves in Canada with René Drolet Consulting for Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC) (2018).

State of Environment Monitoring on Reserves in Canada – A Draft Framework and Data Needs Identification Multi-Stakeholder Workshop with René Drolet Consulting for Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (2015-16).

Review of Environment Canada’s Public Participation and Consultation Policy with René Drolet Consulting (2014).

Development of a Draft Environmental Code of Practice for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Reduction from the Asphalt Sector, for Environment Canada with René Drolet Consulting (2013).

Numerous other environmental policy and stakeholder engagement projects as a consultant with Marbek Resource Consultants 1999-2012 addressing topics such as sustainable communities, urban sustainability, climate change adaptation, water resources, green procurement, pollution prevention, and life cycle assessment.